Nasser Laham
"If you are looking for reasons to wage war, you won't find them on my program, nor will you find ideas for short-term strategies. From my show, you will acquire ideas that change you into a responsible person, into a leader."


Lives in: Deheishe Refugee Camp Was born in: Bethlehem Year of birth: 1966 Identity: Muslim, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Arts and Media Website: Maan News Works at Maan News, Bethlehem Television Interviewer Nahanni Rous Date of Interview 2005

Nasser Laham was born and raised in Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem and is the Chief Editor at Ma'an News Agency in Bethlehem. He anchors a daily TV news program which translates the Hebrew evening news into Arabic for Palestinian audiences. Nasser promotes responsible media coverage of the conflict through humanizing the subjects of the news and reporting on both sides' reactions to events. Nasser served multiple prison sentences in Israeli jails during the first intifada before becoming a journalist.