Find out the different ways you can give to help render Palestinian and Israeli
grassroots leaders more visible, valued and effective in their efforts.

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Online: Make sure your gift to Just Vision goes directly to where it’s most needed, without delay, with a secure online donation. All donations made in the United States are tax-deductible. DONATE NOW

By Mail: You can also send a check made payable to “Just Vision” to 1250 H Street, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005.

By Phone: Finally, you can always call us at (202) 232-6821 and make your donation by phone.


Recurring gifts to Just Vision provide us with the steady support needed to amplify Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders working to build a future of freedom, dignity and equality for all. Set-up a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donation online here.

Give by Stock

We are delighted to receive gifts of stock. Please contact giving@justvision.org or call us at (202) 232-6821 and we will provide you with our brokerage account information.


  • Learn about Donor Advised Funds

    A Fidelity donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a charitable giving vehicle sponsored by a public charity that allows you to make a contribution to that charity and be eligible for an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants over time to any IRS-qualified public charity.
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    A Schwab Charitable donor-advised fund account is a simple, tax-smart investment account for charitable giving. You just set up an account with Schwab Charitable and contribute cash, securities, or appreciated assets. You’ll be eligible for a current-year tax deduction and can be more strategic about your giving decisions.
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    Vanguard Charitable offers philanthropic accounts to help individuals fulfill charitable missions that reflect the people and causes they care about most, and together, supporting thousands of nonprofit organizations every year. Vanguard makes it easier to manage charitable donations by alleviating the administrative burdens and time it requires to invest assets, conduct charity due diligence, and issue grants. Their philanthropic accounts reduce work and streamline costs on the donor’s end without sacrificing charitable impact – in four simple steps.
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  • Give long-term with a Legacy Gift

    We all hope to see a just, free and rights-respecting reality in the Israeli-Palestinian context emerge in our lifetimes. We also know that the deep transformation we strive for requires an eye toward long-term change, and an understanding that the work will involve a sustained movement.

    Providing for a future gift to Just Vision can be an opportunity to advance the values you hold most dear and the commitment you hold for voices of moral courage that are needed to transform our societies. We encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisors to think about what makes the most sense for you in future giving options and how best to set those up as laws vary by state and change over time.

    If you’re interested in speaking with Just Vision about your plans, please be in touch with giving@justvision.org or call us at (202) 232-6821.