Rami Nasrallah
"If you are an architect you should know how to use architecture to create change. If you come from the field of communications and media, you should know how to use your profession as a tool for change. The same is true for all the other professions."


Lives in: Jerusalem Was born in: Jerusalem Year of birth: 1969 Identity: Muslim, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Research and Development Website: IPCC-Jerusalem Works at International Peace and Cooperation Center (IPCC) Interviewer Joline Makhlouf Date of Interview 2004

Rami Nasrallah's work focuses on strengthening Palestinian civil society and addressing the implications of political agreements on all aspects of life for Palestinians and Israelis, with a focus on Jerusalem. In addition to heading the International Peace and Cooperation Center in Jerusalem, Rami is a research associate at the University of Cambridge, and lectures frequently in Europe, the United States and Canada. He has written and edited several books about Jerusalem.