Raed Hadar

Place of birth
Yatta, Hebron District
Year of Birth
Professor and Social Worker
Combatants for Peace
Languages spoken
Arabic, English
Date of Interview

Joline Makhlouf

"I have an honorable record within Palestinian society, which largely respects those who have fought and sacrificed for the national cause. This gave me the confidence to talk to people straight. I have greater influence in my community than someone with no history of resistance."

When he was in high school, Raed Hadar's close friend was killed by the Israeli army as they stood together during a demonstration in the first intifada. Raed later spent three years in an Israeli prison for his participation in attempting to build a bomb. Years later, after the beginning of the second intifada, a friend invited Raed to a gathering of Israelis and Palestinians, during which he met and spoke with Israelis who opposed the occupation of Palestinian territories.  At this gathering, he made a connection with an Israeli soldier who refused to further serve in the army, which led to the founding of Combatants for Peace, a group of former Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers who renounce violence and promote reconciliation.