Eric Yellin

Place of birth
New York
Year of Birth
Computer expert
Other Voice, The Center for Emerging Futures
Languages spoken
English, Hebrew
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous and Anat Langer-Gal

"Regarding those people who say this isn’t the time [for working with Palestinians in Gaza], there is no such thing. It’s never the right time, and yet it is always the right time."

Eric Yellin lives in Sderot. Together with other citizens of the Sderot area and the Gaza Strip, Eric helped found Other Voice, which promotes hope and nonviolence. Eric is also the Israeli coordinator of the Center for Emerging Futures, where Israelis and Palestinian create partnerships in various fields. Eric writes a blog with a Palestinian friend in Gaza, addressing and reflecting the conflict’s effects on the lives of civilians in Sderot and Gaza without the media’s intervention. In their joint blog, Eric is Hope Man.