Adi Dagan

Ramat Hasharon
Place of birth
Year of Birth
Former spokeswoman for the Coalition of Women for Peace and Machsom Watch
Formerly of the Coalition of Women for Peace, Machsom Watch
Languages spoken
Hebrew, English, French, Arabic
Date of Interview

Leora Gal and Nahanni Rous

"My standing at checkpoints doesn't directly further peace, but there are different stages involved in the process. Currently the groups I'm involved with and the kind of work I do oppose the Occupation. We haven't yet reached the stage of working towards peace."

As spokeswoman for Machsom Watch, Adi Dagan's role was to focus Israeli and international attention on the issue of Israeli-controlled checkpoints in the West Bank. Machsom [Checkpoint] Watch is a group of Israeli women who monitor activity at checkpoints. Adi spent two years as a volunteer, stationed once a week at Kalandia, the main checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem. She was also the media coordinator for the Coalition of Women for Peace, and is now Director of Consultancy and Training at Agenda, the Israeli Center for Strategic Communications - a not-for-profit dedicated to reprioritize and reframe social change issues within the Israeli public and the media.