Yossi Alpher
“When there is real fighting, there is an increased need for us to model how opponents should engage in dialogue.”


Lives in: Ramat Hasharon Was born in: Washington, DC Year of birth: 1942 Website: Bitterlemons Works at Bitterlemons Date of Interview 2009

Yossi Alpher is the co-editor and co-founder of Bitterlemons.org, an English Internet magazine that serves as a platform for discussions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The idea for the website was born out of Yossi’s extensive involvement with Track II negotiations, where he met his partner and the co-founder of Bitterlemons.org, Ghassan Khatib. With the power of the internet, which made multi-party spaces for dialogue worldwide a feasible reality, Bitterlemons.org was launched. Prior to his work with Bitterlemons.org, Yossi served with the Israeli Intelligence, Mossad and as the Director of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. He is currently a board member of the Council for Peace and Security.