Yehuda Shaul
"Our story is how an ordinary good boy encounters the circumstances in Hebron and what he does there. We want people to understand what the occupation is, beyond the newspaper headlines. We want to reflect it through a soldier's eyes: how your senses are gradually dulled, how you cross red lines, what the moral cost is."


Lives in: Jerusalem Was born in: Jerusalem Identity: Israeli, Jewish Type of work: Arts and Media Website: Breaking the Silence Works at Breaking the Silence Interviewer Leora Gal Date of Interview 2008

Yehuda Shaul was brought up in a Jewish Orthodox family in Jerusalem. At the end of his military service, which included serving in Hebron for fourteen months, Yehuda founded Breaking the Silence together with other Israeli soldiers from his unit. Breaking the Silence collects and publishes the testimonies of Israeli soldiers who served in the Territories during the second intifada, calling on the Israeli public to face the price of occupation. Their first event was an exhibit of photographs and testimonials by soldiers serving in Hebron that was displayed in Tel Aviv in 2004.