Sami Awad
Executive Director
"We can't wait for someone to come and liberate us or give us a state; we need to fight to achieve such things. The method we use is nonviolence, because nonviolence is not only a means of resistance, but of individual empowerment and thus the empowerment of society to take initiative."


Lives in: Bethlehem Was born in: United States Year of birth: 1971 Identity: Christian, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Nonviolent Direct Action Website: Holy Land Trust Works at Holy Land Trust Interviewer Joline Makhlouf and Rula Salameh Date of Interview 2007

Inspired by his uncle Mubarak Awad's leadership in Palestinian nonviolent resistance, Sami Awad founded the Holy Land Trust in 1998 to promote Palestinian nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. Holy Land Trust initiatives include training workshops, participation in local nonviolent campaigns, and seeking increased media coverage for nonviolent resistance. Holy Land Trust also runs summer programs in which internationals live with host families in Bethlehem, study Arabic and volunteer with Palestinian organizations.Follow @Sami_Awad //

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