Leah Shakdiel
"It is possible to find religious sources and religious role models and historic precedents for religion to be an extremely important tool for making inroads for peace, for coexistence, for human rights, for social justice. People must feel empowered."


Lives in: Yerucham Was born in: Jerusalem Year of birth: 1951 Identity: Israeli, Jewish Type of work: Human Rights/Advocacy Religious Work Website: Oz V'Shalom/Netivot Shalom Machsom Watch Works at Machsom Watch, Oz V'Shalom/Netivot Shalom, Darom4Peace, Mirkam Ezory Interviewer Nahanni Rous Date of Interview 2004

Leah Shakdiel was raised in a religious Zionist home in Israel. After a brief interest in what was later the settler movement Gush Emunim, Leah moved to the southern town of Yerucham with a group of young religious idealists and continues to live there with her family. She is active in many different contexts referring to the conflict: Oz V’Shalom/Netivot Shalom – the religious peace movement, MachsomWatch, Darom4Peace (South for Peace) and Mirkam Ezory (literally, regional texture) - a local organization in Yerucham working to promote the rights of the unrecognized Bedouin village of Rahme.