Kobi Snitz
"Even ten Israelis at a demonstration can make a real difference. We know from the army's own declarations that their open fire regulations change as soon as they think there are Israelis around. For example, they are not to use live fire when there are Israelis around, and they are not to fire rubber bullets in a direction where they think there are Israelis."


Lives in: Tel Aviv Was born in: Kibbutz Barkai Year of birth: 1971 Identity: Israeli, Jewish Type of work: Grassroots Political Mobilization Nonviolent Direct Action Website: Anarchists Against the Wall Works at Anarchists Against the Wall Interviewer Nahanni Rous; Anat Langer-Gal and Irene Nasser Date of Interview 2005

Kobi Snitz is active in demonstrating in solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank. His primary activity consists of joining other Israelis in supporting Palestinian-led nonviolent protests in villages harmed by the planned or existing separation barrier. Kobi first became an activist as a student in Canada and the United States, where he participated in organizing a graduate student union and joined the anti-war movement during the US-led invasion of Iraq.

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