Khulood Badawi
"As Palestinians inside Israel we have a big role in the conflict and should be the link between the two sides. We should be more active because we are part of a society that struggles for its freedom and at the same time we are citizens of Israel. We enjoy the geographical position and the unique possibility to be part of a pioneering leadership for a better future and real peace. We speak two languages and have two voices."


Lives in: Jerusalem Was born in: Nazareth Year of birth: 1975 Identity: Israeli, Muslim, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Human Rights/Advocacy Nonviolent Direct Action Website: Coalition of Women for Peace ACRI Ta'ayush Bat Shalom Works at Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Ta'ayush, Coalition of Women for Peace, Bat Shalom Interviewer Joline Makhlouf Date of Interview 2005

Khulood Badawi became active in the struggle to secure the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel in the 1990s when she was a student at the University of Haifa. She is involved on a leadership level in many Jewish-Palestinian organizations in Israel which hold meetings, demonstrations, and seek to raise awareness about Palestinian realities on both sides of the Green Line. As a field researcher for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Khulood consolidates information about appeals to the Israeli Supreme Court concerning the wall.Follow @KhuloodBadawi //