Ismaeel Hamoud
social worker, therapist and lecturer
"People want to live, even while they wait for the issue of Jerusalem to be resolved. Health and quality of life are linked with a solution."


Lives in: Beit Hanina Was born in: Kabul, Israel Year of birth: 1976 Identity: Israeli, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Human Rights/Advocacy Research and Development Website: Bimkom Works at Bimkom Interviewer Joline Makhlouf and Leora Gal Date of Interview 2007

Ismaeel Hamoud works with Bimkom, an organization which seeks to make community participation and human rights a central part of urban planning. Bimkom provides legal advocacy, planning consultancy and educational materials to communities and political leaders to promote planning rights. Ismaeel works primarily in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, where he is the liaison between the community and Bimkom.