Ibrahim Issa
School Administrator
"We summarize our work here in three words: peace, freedom, education. Our aim is to create a generation here who lives entirely in democratic freedom with our neighbors. And this is what we want, to be free like all the other people in the world, to participate in creating this generation."


Lives in: Bethlehem Was born in: Deheishe Refugee Camp Year of birth: 1973 Identity: Muslim, Palestinian, West Bank/Gaza/E. Jerusalem Type of work: Education Website: Hope Flowers School Works at Hope Flowers School Interviewer Nahanni Rous and Joline Makhlouf Date of Interview 2004

In 2001, Ibrahim Issa returned from living in the Netherlands to become Acting Director of the Hope Flowers School after his father, the school's founder, passed away. Hope Flowers School in El Khader near Bethlehem, teaches democracy, peace and coexistence. It was the first school in the West Bank to teach Hebrew. Prior to the second intifada, Hope Flowers participated in many exchanges with Israeli students and teachers, but these have been put on hold due to travel restrictions. Hope Flowers School is currently engaged in a legal battle with the Israeli Army over a demolition order regarding its school cafeteria. Ibrahim lives in Bethlehem with his wife and children.