Hillel Schenker
Writer, editor
"There is tremendous resonance when people hear that even in the darkest times we are still meeting and dealing with these issues, and there are Israelis and Palestinians ready to work together. It projects the fact that there is still hope and possibility. The average person is busy going about his daily life. Not everybody is in a position to devote time and energy to what I consider to be the primary challenge of our generation: achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians."


Lives in: Tel Aviv Was born in: Brooklyn, NY Year of birth: 1942 Identity: Israeli, Jewish Type of work: Arts and Media Website: Palestine-Israel Journal Works at Palestine-Israel Journal Interviewer Nahanni Rous and Joline Makhlouf Date of Interview 2006

Hillel Schenker is the co-editor of the English language journal, the Palestine-Israel Journal. Each of the journal's four yearly editions explores a central theme in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through articles by Palestinian and Israeli writers. Hillel was a co-founder of the Peace Now Movement, and previously served as an editor of New Outlook Magazine.