Eliyahu McLean
"I try to hold the whole picture, and that includes the experience of the hilltop youth and the right-wing settlers, and the experience of the disenfranchised refugee and the Palestinian who supports Hamas. That seems like an almost impossible place to be politically— where does that leave you? But I think that's where my spiritual roots come in, to somehow be able to hold all of that and then to organize meetings, events, projects that somehow connect to that."


Lives in: Jerusalem Was born in: California Year of birth: 1970 Identity: Israeli, Jewish Type of work: Coexistence/Dialogue/Reconciliation Religious Work Website: Jerusalem Peacemakers Abrahamic Reunion Abrahamic Reunion Works at The Sulha Peace Project, Jerusalem Peacemakers, Middleway Interviewer Nahanni Rous Date of Interview 2004

Eliyahu McLean is engaged in interfaith work between Jewish, Christian and Muslim Israelis and Palestinians throughout Israel and the West Bank and Gaza. His work with many organizations and on an informal basis is focused on bringing together people of different backgrounds for the sake of fostering understanding. Eliyahu is one of the organizers of the Sulha Project, an anual three-day event attended by thousands of Israeli, Palestinian, and international participants who gather for the purpose of dialogue and reconciliation. Together with Aziz Bukhari, a Muslim Sufi Sheikh, and Abdul and Ibrahim Abuelhawa, Eliyahu founded The Jerusalem Peacemakers which brings together Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze religious leaders who seek to reclaim religion as a source for peace.