Ayed Morrar
Community Organizer
We didn't choose nonviolent resistance out of submission or fear. Peaceful resistance requires more courage than violent resistance.


Lives in: Budrus Was born in: Budrus Year of birth: 1962 Identity: Palestinian Type of work: Nonviolent Direct Action Website: Agenda - Israeli Center for Strategic Communications Coalition of Women For Peace Works at Community Organizer, Budrus Interviewer Joline Rukab, Rula Salameh, Irene Nasser Date of Interview 2006

A leader of the nonviolent movement in Budrus, Ayed Morrar organized the first Popular Committee Against the Wall in the West Bank by uniting all local Palestinian political factions, including Hamas and Fatah, and encouraging hundreds of Israelis to cross into the Occupied Palestinian Territories and demonstrate in support of his village. When challenged by his teenage daughter, he welcomed the launch of a women’s contingent that quickly moved to the front lines. Ayed and the successful popular nonviolent struggle are featured in Just Vision's recent film, Budrus.