Adele Zumot
Radio Host
The first time I felt that I really needed to do something about the conflict was when I opened the Al-Quds newspaper and saw on the front page a picture of a little girl named Iman Hijjo, who was killed by a missile two years ago. I opened more pages of the same newspaper, and I read about a bus bombing in Israel. There was another little boy who lost his eye because of the explosion. I looked at the two children's stories and I thought to myself, 'We have a problem. There are children on both sides that are dying.' As an individual Palestinian or Israeli, you won't be able to influence the governments, but you can feel that you are being effective by being part of an organization or project that works to restore trust between the two peoples.


Lives in: Jerusalem Was born in: Jerusalem Year of birth: 1980 Identity: Palestinian Type of work: Arts and Media Website: All For Peace Works at All for Peace Radio Areas of expertise Media Interviewer Joline Makhlouf Date of Interview 2004

Adele Zumot has been a radio broadcaster at All for Peace Radio since it was established in 2004. All for Peace Radio, a project of Givat Haviva and Biladi, is a joint Palestinian and Israeli radio station that broadcasts in both Arabic and Hebrew. Before joining All for Peace, Adele hosted shows on local Palestinian radio station such as Radio Bethlehem and Love and Peace Radio and trained at the Israel Radio's Arabic service. Her shows address both political and social issues. Adele now works with a team of Palestinian and Israeli radio hosts and producers to expose the various aspects of each side to the other with the aim of reaching mutual understanding.

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