Spanning a decade, this is the largest database of interviews with Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity and equality for all. The interviews aim to provide a range of perspectives and approaches to ending the occupation and the conflict. Each interview reflects a snapshot of an individual's perspective at a specific moment in time.
portfolio-thumbnail-6.jpg LOCAL CALL

In April 2014, Just Vision teamed up with +972 Magazine and ActiveStills to launch a bold new independent Hebrew-language media platform: Local Call (Sikha Mekomit in Hebrew). By facilitating brave and original journalism and transforming the current discourse in Israel, the site promotes civic awareness and activism aimed at ending the occupation and promoting values of pluralism and equality.
portfolio-thumbnail-1.jpg BUDRUS GRAPHIC NOVEL

Based on our award-winning film Budrus, the graphic novel and tells the story of the unarmed struggle in the village through the eyes of 15-year-old Iltezam Morrar. It focuses on the pivotal role the women and girls of Budrus played in building and sustaining a nonviolent campaign that was ultimately able to unite unlikely allies across political lines and save the village's lands and olive trees.