Third Way

Palestinian political party. Founded in 2005 by Hanan Ashrawi and Salam Fayyad, the [no-lexicon]Third Way[/no-lexicon] independent list was established in order to provide an alternative to the dominant [no-lexicon]Palestinian[/no-lexicon] political parties Hamas and Fatah. Created before the 2006 Parliamentary elections, the list wanted to attract voters who were fed up with Fatah’s corruption and infighting, but did not agree with Hamas’s vision of an Islamist society. In the 2006 elections, the [no-lexicon]Third Way[/no-lexicon] won two of the 132 seats in the [no-lexicon]Palestinian[/no-lexicon] Legislative Council. See "Palestinian 'third way' rises," Ilene Prusher, Christian Science Monitor, Dec 13, 2005.

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