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Films that make a difference.
[Just Vision] brings the realities home in such a powerful and personal way.
Stories like Naila’s remind us of a third way: one of nonviolent resistance led by self-reliant, democratic, gender-equal communities.
In (Naila and the Uprising), female activists are not shiny aberrations—they are the unseen spine holding up a movement.
A portrait so unexpected and wrenching that it cuts right through the viewers armor of certainty and prejudice.
Its a five star-shining, pro-peace-punching, hate-pacifying, trans-border bounding, ciné-humanizing, actively e-volving, power-fully-fulfilling, e-motion-al picture. Congratz to you and your just visionaries
Assured, thoughtful and clear-eyed... nonviolent resistance could happen here. This film may prompt others to take up the cause.
"A riveting documentary, which blazes with a kind of spiritual grace while remaining firmly grounded in a tragic reality..."
Concise, intelligent docu[mentary]... Dynamically edited... deftly avoids schmaltz in its delineation of grief and its celebration of cross-cultural activism.
...deftly avoids schmaltz.
A strong piece of work from intelligent filmmakers.
This story is a journey that stretches beyond borders to provide hope, and it should be seen by everyone.
A powerful film filled with the kind of hope you rarely see around this issue.
The must-see documentary of the year.
A heartwarming David and Goliath tale.
Powerful and moving.
[Budrus] will single-handedly change how many people view the conflict. It’s that good, and that important.
An honest, hopeful documentary.
[Budrus] gives an enormous amount of hope... It's a story which will have an impact and can help bring about change.