Salwa Abu Libdeh
Documentary Filmmaker
"Use words instead of swords... You can either beat me up and get what you want, or you can talk to me and get what you want, and more."


الإقامة: Shu'fat Refugee Camp مسقط الرأس: Jerusalem سنة الولادة: 1966 الهُوية: مسلم, فلسطيني, الضفة الغربية / قطاع غزة / القدس الشرقية مجال العمل: الفن والاعلام الموقع: "Dialogue On The Road" مكان العمل: Dialogue On The Road أجرت المقابلة: Joline Makhlouf في العام: 2004
Salwa Abu Libdeh studied Arabic Literature and worked as a newspaper reporter before becoming a news anchor with the Palestinian Broadcasting Company. She worked on a joint Palestinian Israeli German project that made a documentary film about life on both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.