Delivered to a packed house at the 2016 TEDSummit, this talk by Just Vision’s Creative Director, Julia Bacha dives into research on gender dynamics in movement building, and offers lessons for waging constructive conflict, in Palestine and Israel, and beyond. The Talk is based on twelve years of Just Vision's research and work, and offers a sneak peek into our upcoming documentary film (2017) about the clandestine network of women who led the most remarkable episode of nonviolent civil resistance in Palestinian history: the First Intifada.

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Marie O'Reilly Inclusive Security, 2015
A review of recent quantitative and qualitative research shows how women’s inclusion in peace and security outcomes helps prevent conflict, create peace, and sustain security after war ends
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8 historic women who pioneered the Civil Rights Movement
Yohana Desta
From Dorothy Height to Septima Clark, a look at the women leaders of the Civil Rights Movement who got “lost in the narrow, unforgiving filter of time.” 
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How the world is proving Martin Luther King right about nonviolence
Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan
Political scientists Chenoweth and Stephan drill into the data, finding that nonviolent resistance campaigns “tend to succeed because nonviolent methods have a greater potential for eliciting mass participation — on average, they elicit about 11 times more participants than the average armed uprising..."
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Gender Ideologies and Forms of Contentious Mobilization in Middle East
Victor Asal, Richard Legault, Ora Szekely, Jonathan Wilkenfeld Journal of Peace Research, 2013
In this large-N study of political mobilization, political scientist Victor Asal and colleagues find that the most surprising variable affecting a movement’s decision to adopt nonviolence is the organization’s ideology regarding the role of women in society. 
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And stay tuned for Marie Principe’s United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Special Report (October 2016), on women’s unique contributions to nonviolent movements for peace and social justice in Argentina, Liberia, the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, and Sierra Leone.

Behind the scenes of our upcoming documentary film - Dheisheh refugee camp
WATCH our 2011 TED talk: Pay attention to nonviolence

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