Just Vision highlights the power and potential of Palestinians and Israelis working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity, equality and human security using nonviolent means. We tell their under-documented stories through our award-winning films, multimedia tools and targeted public education campaigns that undermine stereotypes, inspire commitment and galvanize action.

We drive attention to compelling local role models in unarmed movement-building and demonstrate to journalists, influencers and students – in the US, Israel, Palestine and beyond – what is possible when leaders at the grassroots choose to act. We create disruptive media in order to change the terms of the discussion in press, community and policy circles. We also energize activists on the ground by connecting community organizers and civil society leaders to supportive audiences.

Our overarching goal is to contribute to fostering peace and an end to the occupation by rendering Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders more visible, valued and effective in their efforts.

Today, the situation in the region is increasingly fragile. Crackdowns are escalating against local protests, social divisions are widening, settlement expansion and the displacement of Palestinian families persist, and those working toward a just future are struggling against a deficit of hope.

Over the past decade, Just Vision has ensured that millions of people around the world are exposed to and challenged by nonviolence efforts in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. By generating visibility and support for Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders, our work opens doors for the people we highlight, helping them to connect with audiences worldwide, spread their message and gain greater traction at home and abroad.

As grassroots nonviolence leaders remain resolute despite formidable challenges, we are committed to expanding their networks and ensuring their voices are heard across the globe.

Our team is comprised of human rights advocates, conflict resolution experts, filmmakers and journalists. We have a reputation for leadership, credibility and excellence among a remarkably diverse array of audiences. We engage tens of thousands of people in direct workshops, screenings and discussions, and touch millions more through the TV broadcast.

Just Vision moves fluidly from refugee camps and villages to high-level talks with the world’s top influencers – from Davos to Deheisheh to classrooms in Israel and cultural centers in Gaza. Founded in 2003, we are based in Washington DC, New York and Jerusalem. We are nonpartisan and religiously unaffiliated.


Your generous tax-deductible contribution helps us reach millions through our films, multimedia and outreach. Together, we can amplify the voices of Palestinians and Israelis struggling for freedom, dignity, security and peace.
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