Voices From the Field Series

Our Voices From the Field Series draws upon Just Vision's multimedia and is intended to explore a range of perspectives on themes including religion, nonviolence, peace and hopes and fears. Lesson plans provided here are designed for 60-90 minute sessions. If you have developed your own workshop, lesson plan or coursework using Just Vision's materials, we welcome your feedback. Please email us at info@justvision.org.

: What is the strategic value of nonviolence? What role do women play in nonviolent movement-building? How does the character of movements challenging the status quo interact with a day-after vision for change? Participants will explore Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders' perceptions of and experiences with nonviolent direct action.

Hopes and Fears
: What role does fear play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how do our hopes and fears impact our understanding and pursuit of an end to the occupation and equitable resolution to the conflict? This workshop challenges audiences to examine their own hopes and fears and those of Israeli and Palestinian nonviolence leaders and peacebuilders.

: In this interactive workshop, participants will explore how events shape personal and collective narrative, their own global awareness, and gain an introductory understanding of one of the pivitol events in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through multiple and diverse narratives.

Conceptions of Peace
: Participants will examine their own conceptions of peace and compare them to the differing views of Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders.

: What is the role of religion in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Participants will consider the ways in which religion has played a role in this conflict and how it may be a divisive or constructive force in movement building.

Simulations and Research Projects Provided by Experts in the Field

Peacebuilding Simulation Designed by Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer

This simulations incorporates field research provided by Just Vision (see Visionary Interviews), role-playing and de-brief that collectively challenges students to examine the various issues, elements and and obstacles Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders and peacebuilders face in their work and daily lives.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Research Topic Provided by Dr. Ahsiya Posner

This project provides students an opportunity to engage with Israeli, Palestinian and local activists who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the pursuit of peace, justice, social change, and advocacy.  Students will compare and contrast the work of two peace activists and the challenges they face.  One peacebuilder will be an Israeli or Palestinian chosen from the Just Vision website's Visionaries section, and a second will be a person of students' choice (someone from their own personal lives whom they consider to be a peacebuilder in their home communities).  Analyses of these two individuals’ work may be substantiated by concepts covered in course readings and discussion.