Yoa'ad Shbita

Place of birth
Year of Birth
Building Bridges for Peace, Reut-Sedaka
Palestinian living in Israel
Languages spoken
Arabic, Hebrew, English
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous

"During summer camp I felt like I belonged in different places [as a Palestinian who lives in Israel]. I always felt part of the Palestinian group, but there were things the Jewish group said that I understood, while the Palestinian group would never be able to understand because it was only their second encounter with Jews, and their first one was with the army! How can I expect them to feel?"

Yoa'ad Shbita has been involved in coexistence dialogue since she was in eighth grade. At the time of the interview she was living in a communal house doing community service in Jaffa with six other teenagers, Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. Yoa'ad is a counselor and facilitator at Building Bridges for Peace, a program for Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls, and a participant in the dialogue program Re'ut-Sadaka.