Yana Knopova

Place of birth
Donets'k, Ukraine
Year of Birth
Coalition of Women For Peace
Jewish-Ukrainian citizen of Israel
Languages spoken
Russian, English, Hebrew, a little Arabic.
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous and Leora Gal

"I had always been active in minorities' struggles for rights. In the Ukraine it was the Jewish minority. Now it's the minority that's changed, not me; the current minority is the Palestinians."

Yana Knopova immigrated to Israel from the Ukraine in 1996 through a Jewish youth program. She is the coordinator of Coalition of Women for Peace, an umbrella organization for nine Israel-based women's organizations working to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and emphasizing the importance of women in building peace. Through the Russian-speaking sector and organizations such as Ahoti [my sister], the Coalition also empowers women in Israel's minority social groups to work for peace and justice.