Elad Vazana

Tel Aviv
Place of birth
Year of Birth
Creating and enabling possibilities for encounters and personal growth
Formerly of the Sulha Peace Project
Jewish Arab
Languages spoken
Hebrew, English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese
Date of Interview

Anat Langer-Gal

"I am responsible for creating change. Once I start working and stop sitting around complaining, that’s when significant change will occur."

Elad Vazana was born in the southern development town of Ofakim. Elad is an artist, an educator, an experienced mediator and facilitator; he develops curricula for facilitation, initiates and facilitates social change. He has been involved in dialogue for many years. His extensive experience facilitating Israeli-Palestinian dialogue meetings for youth led him to be one of the managers of the Sulha Peace Project, where Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians meet and build mutual trust. Elad is currently working independently to promote peace-related activity and empower institutions and individuals working for social change.