The Late Professor Dan Bar-On

Be'er Sheva
Place of birth
Year of Birth
Psychologist, Professor at Ben Gurion University
PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East)
Jewish Israeli humanist, grandfather, father and husband trying to work through painful conflicts
Languages spoken
Hebrew, German, English, a bit of Arabic
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous

"I think it is a success not to give up, not to let the difficult reality defeat you, because this difficult reality is an illusion. It creates the feeling that there is no solution, but it is only reflecting how difficult it is to reach the solution, without presenting any proposal what to do. Therefore, we have to believe that there are other possibilities, and as you know also from other projects, these projects generate, in essence, the hope that there are other possibilities."

The late Professor Dan Bar-On's involvement in dialogue and conflict resolution began with his psychological work with the children of Holocaust survivors and children of Nazi perpetrators. In the 1990s, he met and began working with a group of Palestinian and Israeli scholars who formed PRIME, the Peace Research Institute in the Middle East. PRIME's group of teachers and historians has created unique high school textbooks that present the Israeli and Palestinian historical narratives side by side. Dr. Bar-On passed away in September, 2008, leaving a legacy of groundbreaking scholarship and a vision of Israeli-Palestinian partnership. His humanity and wisdom will continue to inspire all those who seek a peaceful future based on equality and mutual understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

Please download and English transcript of Just Vision's March, 2008 interview with Prof. Bar-On or watch a video of the interview in Hebrew.