Chaym Feldman

The Hava & Adam Ecological Farm, Modi'in
Place of birth
Tel Aviv
Year of Birth
Farmer, Ecologist and Educator
The Hava & Adam Ecological Farm
Israeli, activist, environmentalist, farmer, humane, non-political
Languages spoken
Hebrew, English, Arabic
Date of Interview

Leora Gal

"Study Arabic. Meet and get interested in the local crops of this region. Meet with people, there are lots of groups. There's me and millions of people like me [...] that's where you really make peace."

Chaym Feldman practices and teaches "Bio-falha" - an intensive yet sustainable farming method that integrates local and traditional elements - at Hava & Adam near Modi'in. A teacher for Israeli children, Chaym leads workshops for Israelis and Palestinians, which include working with West Bank Palestinian farmers on their lands. Chaym views joint farming a way to demonstrate solidarity against the Separation Fence and establish positive relationships between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as part of a global struggle for sustainable lifestyles.