Adina Shapiro

Place of birth
New York
Year of Birth
Education, Law
Middle East Children's Association (MECA)
Jewish Israeli
Languages spoken
English, Hebrew, French, Russian, some Arabic
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous

"More and more teachers come because they are perplexed. It is not because they necessarily are peace activists but because they have questions about how to teach values and be positive and hopeful when things are so difficult. That is a difficulty many teachers share and it crosses political affiliations."

Adina Shapiro grew up in a Jewish national religious community in Jerusalem. After national service, she taught Hebrew at Hope Flowers school in Bethlehem and went on to found MECA, Middle East Children's Association. At MECA Israeli and Palestinian educators meet in order to empower and learn and share skills and lesson learned, finding ways to educate, empower and reveal the narrative of the other and to better prepare children for the reality.