Dalia Golomb

Tel Aviv
Place of birth
Tel Aviv
Year of Birth
Machsom Watch
Languages spoken
Hebrew, English
Date of Interview

Anat Langer-Gal

"This conflict of oppositions is constantly true at checkpoints, too. We protest, yet we assist the Occupation’s existence. We stand by the soldiers and seek to modify their aggression, yet the soldiers perceive us as enemies, not as assistance. But, among us are mothers and grandmothers, whose sons serve in the army. So we encounter a conflict: I’m not against the soldiers, I oppose the policy.”

As the daughter of Eliyahu Golomb, one of the founders of the Haganah and a leader in the Zionist movement, Dalia Golomb’s adolescence was heavily influenced by the presence of the Haganah, the Labor Party and Mapai. For the past eight years, Dalia has worked with Machsom Watch, an organization of Israeli women who oppose the Occupation and advocate for the right of Palestinians to move freely. Today, Dalia and a close friend from the organization co-guide tours of Palestinian villages in the West Bank, and assist with addressing various challenges several of the Palestinian residents in these villages face as a result of the Occupation. Dalia has initiated and worked on projects aimed at increasing the mobility of Palestinians on their land and connecting villages to electricity and potable water.