David Lisbona

Place of birth
London, England
Year of Birth
Development Consultant
Middleway, Gisha, The People's Voice
Liberal Israeli
Languages spoken
English, Hebrew, German, French
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous

"Often in discussion with Palestinians, I have made the point of how the Israelis are afraid and how the soldiers are afraid. They say, 'What, really, the soldiers are afraid?' I say, 'Oh yes, you have no idea how a soldier with a flak-jacket and a weapon is afraid of a ten-year old kid who may have an explosive belt on him.' It is as important for Palestinians to recognize this as it is important for Israelis to understand and be sensitive to the endless humiliation that the Palestinians suffer every day."

David Lisbona is one of the founders of Middleway and of Gisha. Middleway promotes nonviolence and dialogue, provides humanitarian and developmental support to villages and educational institutions in the northern West Bank and participates in community work in Palestinian villages in Israel. Gisha advocates freedom of movement for Palestinians. David is also involved with the European Institute for Global Peace and their Palestinian counterparts, the Holy Land Trust, as well as in the People's Voice initiative.