Yehuda Stolov

Place of birth
Tel Aviv
Year of Birth
Director of the IEA
Interfaith Encounter Association
Jewish Israeli
Languages spoken
Hebrew, English
Date of Interview

Nahanni Rous and Leora Gal

"Perhaps the most important issue is that we set aside politics. Elsewhere people head straight for politics, which stems from the naïve urge to convince the other side to change, and pretty soon leads to fights that go nowhere. Potentially that could have happened quite often at our meetings, because we bring people from all over the political spectrum. Instead they discuss issues that are linked to every person's existential experiences."

Yehuda Stolov brings together Christian, Jewish and Muslim Israelis and Palestinians for dialogue sessions and weekend seminars about each other's religions. His work facilitates interaction between communities and encourages individuals to confront their own prejudices and fears of the other side. He deems what he calls the "human infrastructure" as the core of any successful peace process. Before founding the Interfaith Encounter Association, Yehuda Stolov participated in other interfaith dialogue organizations in Israel. He says he found his inspiration to pursue interfaith work in the writings of Rabbi Kook, whom he calls, "inclusive in spirit towards opinions and people." To hear a radio interview with Yehuda Stolov produced by Chicago Public Radio, click here.