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We have four main criteria for selecting our 180 interviewees: they are engaged in work that involves people on both sides of the Green Line, they live permanently in Israel or Palestine, they are pursuing nonviolent approaches to peacebuilding, and they are civilians, not elected officials. There are many people doing noteworthy peace work that does not fit these criteria; their work is no less important.

Within these criteria we have sought to present people from different religious, political, sociological and regional backgrounds. Our interviewees are male and female, aged 18 to 80. They have different life experiences and are engaged in a wide variety of peace-related activities. Their views on history, politics and the prospect for peace differ greatly. Since any future attempt at bridging the divides among Israelis and Palestinians - even among peacebuilders -- will require an understanding of these differences, we hope this resource provides a starting point.

Over the course of this project, Just Vision has spoken with over 500 people engaged in peace work. We find our interviewees through word-of-mouth, conferences, seminars, the Internet, the media, through telephone research, and by researching each interviewee’s organizational affiliations. We are constantly delighted to find new people doing important work that we haven't heard about. If you have suggestions for additional interviewees, please contact: info@justvision.org

We have done our best to conduct interviews in locations that are most comfortable for our interviewees, despite many obstacles with regard to access and transportation in order to reach interviewees. We have also done our best to interview people in the language most comfortable for them: Arabic, Hebrew, or English. In an effort to ensure accuracy and fairness in translation, multiple editors/ translators and fact-checkers have reviewed each transcript. Where requested, we have provided people the opportunity to review their transcripts for accuracy.

We have given interviewees the option of remaining anonymous by omitting their full name or the use of their photograph, though very few have chosen to do this.

Please note that the views, opinions and recommendations expressed in these interviews are for informational purposes and do not reflect the views of Just Vision, its employees, officers, directors or agents. Just Vision makes no representation concerning and does not guarantee the source, originality, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding interpretation, recommendation, opinion or view presented. We accept no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy or errors and omissions. Any damage, economic or otherwise, or injury to persons or property arising out of the accessing or use of any files, instructions, methods or ideas contained on this Web site or in the material accessed from our site is the sole responsibility of the user.

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