Budrus won the 2012 PUMA.Creative Impact Award! See the impact highlights report compiled by Channel 4 BritDoc.

“Films that make a difference.” Richard Branson

"[Just Vision] brings the realities home in such a powerful and personal way." Peter Gabriel, WITNESS

"By connecting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolence leaders with untapped bases of international support, Just Vision is transforming isolated pockets of advocacy into a synergetic network that straddles the fault lines of what is perhaps the world’s most polarizing debate."
Dr. Mohammed Abu Nimer and Ned Lazarus, American University

 "I believe that's how we're going to do it – when we have people who are of peaceful minds coming together. Thank you Ronit and Joline." Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show




“An honest, hopeful documentary”
Peabody Award Selection Committee

“Powerful and moving”
The Daily Beast

“Bacha and Wingert-Jabi ... exhibit an exemplary approach to examination of reality in the face of this decades-long political conflict by offering an equal stage to all perspectives, from Palestine and from Israel.” 
Huffington Post UK

“An excellent short film”
Richard Branson

“The film tells the surprising, often-ignored story of individual Israelis and Palestinians working together, asserting non-violent means to end both the conflict and the occupation.”
The Wall Street Journal



“Like the villagers it follows, this brave film shows how non-violence in the face of a seemingly insurmountable opposition can succeed; a heart-warming David and Goliath tale. The film put Budrus on the map and in the mainstream media so that what happened there can never be forgotten and can continue to inspire peacemakers on all sides.” Jemima Khan, European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair

"This film will single-handedly change how many people view the conflict. It’s that good, and that important."
The Boston Globe

“A poignant chronicle…This inspiring documentary stresses peaceful resistance as the best means of conflict resolution…”  Variety (USA)

"The must-see documentary of the year."  Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

"[Budrus] gives an enormous amount of hope... It's a story which will have an impact and can help bring about change.” Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan

"A timely testimony to the power of peaceful resistance." Total Film
"Compelling."  The Economist

"It's a movie that makes you believe people can get things done, if they think in terms of coalitions and principles and methods other than brute force." The Chicago Tribune

"." Time Out London

"." The Guardian

"A powerful film filled with the kind of hope you rarely see around this issue."  Michael Moore

"Budrus chronicles a small victory in a much larger and uncertain battle, but with so much hopelessness in the region, it's worth highlighting and, hopefully, emulating."
  The Nation

"A moving sliver of hope that nonviolent resistance may yet blossom out of violence."
  New York Magazine

"." Christianity Today

"A complex, not agitational documentary that shows a balanced picture of its competing protagonists. It finds a story for the future...in the shape of a social movement driven by pragmatism."  Leo Wild, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Budrus personalizes the political and demonstrates in the most invigorating way that change starts with each of us. A call to action that promises to spark a movement.” Cherien Dabis, Director of Amreeka

 “Budrus is a film with a powerful message and a fresh perspective on an issue that is familiar to many. It’s about a local community who stood up to defend what was theirs, and in doing so they changed a country. This story is a journey that stretches beyond borders to provide hope, and it should be seen by everyone.”  Jessica Alba, Actress

"A strong piece of work from intelligent filmmakers."  The Jewish Week

Budrus sets an example for nonviolent joint struggles and proves there might be a light waiting at the end of the very dark tunnel… Budrus is nothing less than an inspiration and a role model for our work in Sheikh Jarrah, in Silwan, Issawiye, Lod and Taybe. It opens the possibility and hope for an Israeli-Palestinian Tahrir-Square future.”
An Israeli activist in the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement

"...deftly avoids schmaltz in its delineation of grief and its celebration of cross-cultural activism."  Ronnie Scheib, Variety

“Assured, thoughtful and clear-eyed… nonviolent resistance could happen here… Encounter Point may prompt others to take up the cause.” The New York Times

"A riveting documentary, which blazes with a kind of spiritual grace while remaining firmly grounded in a tragic reality..."
  Melissa Levine, Village Voice

"A poignant film [in reference to Encounter Point]..." Christiane Amanpour, CNN

"Encounter Point is a must-see documentary that embraces peace... This compassionate, brilliant film goes beyond today's headlines... revealing what viewers seldom see--the humanity of Israelis and Palestinians." Jack G. Shaheen, Author, Reel Bad Arabs

"Encounter Point is not only thought-provoking and a great conversation starter - but it is incredibly touching and moved me to tears several times."
Yasmin Hamidi, Network of Arab-American Professionals, New York