Encounter Point Press Coverage

Palestinan, Israeli women who lost loved ones talk Middle East peace
Interview with Robi Damelin and Seham Abu Awwad on FOX News
May 20, 2011

Israel & Palestine: Breaking the silence
David Shulman, New York Review of Books 
January 27, 2011

No More Taking Sides

December 14, 2006, rebroadcast February, 2010

Israel/Palestine: Which Side Are You On?
Washington Post
May 12, 2008

Encounter Point Review
April 27, 2006

Encounter Point Review (pdf format)
Melissa Levine, Village Voice
November 15, 2006

On Opposite Sides, United by Grief
Anita Gates, New York Times
November 17, 2006

Encounter Point: Pick of the Week, LA Weekly
LA Weekly
February 28, 2007

Participating in the Festival and Sparking a Controversy in Its Ideas: Producer Joline Makhlouf "Encounter Point Promotes a Message of Peace Inside and Outside Based on 'Nonviolence'" (Arabic article)
Al Watan
April 30, 2007

Encounter Point Trailer and Film Subjects on Al Jazeera (Arabic Link)
Robi Damelin, Ali Abu Awwad and Encounter Point's trailer were featured on Al Jazeera
June 13, 2007

Jazeera film festival to screen Encounter Point
Gulf Times
April 23, 2007

Documentary Captures Citizen Reconciliation - and Encourages More
Christian Science Monitor
January 10, 2007

Encounter Point to be screened at Jazeera fest
The Peninsula of Qatar
April 23, 2007

Israel-Palestine: Reconciliation Is in Everyone's Interest
By Evan Derkacz, ALTERNET
December 02, 2006

Members of Fatah meet the People Behind the Documentary Film, Encounter Point, in Ramallah (Arabic Article)

April 21, 2007

Channel 10 Israeli Television
Watch Just Vision staff member Leora Gal and Encounter Point film subject Rutie Atsmon interviewed on Israeli Television prior to Tel Aviv screening
December 21, 2006

Top 10 Picks for 2006 from Betsy Pickle
Betsy Pickle, Scripps Howard News Service
December 29, 2006

Encounter Point Review (pdf format)
Hank Shteamer, TimeOut NY
November 15, 2006

Musical and Cultural Journey: Music composer Kareem Roustom talks about the making of his recent film Encounter Point
New England Film
December 05, 2006

Holy Land Coexistence
Christopher Hazou, The Mirror
November 09, 2006

Points of Encounter
November 06, 2006

Conversation with Julia Bacha and Ronit Avni on Kathleen Dunn's program on WPR
Wisconsin Public Radio - Kathleen Dunn
October 27, 2006

Documenting a Shared Pain, Hope in Middle East
Damien Jaques, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
October 23, 2006

Focus On Everyday Folks Brings Immediacy to Conflict (pdf format)
Betsy Pickle, Knoxville News Sentinel
October 20, 2006

Palestinian Producer Joline Makhlouf: Al Jazeera's Film Festival is an Irreplaceable Opportunity and a Window to the World
April 30, 2007

To Capture Conflict, Director First had to Gain Folks' Trust (pdf format)
Betsy Pickle, Knoxville News Sentinel
October 20, 2006

Festival's Coming Back -- and it's in the Black
Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer
September 23, 2006

The Docs are what's up at KIFF
Robert W. Butler, The Kansas City Star
September 14, 2006

Film Offers Hopeful 'Encounter'
Jerusalem Post
August 27, 2006

Envisaging Peace between Israel and Palestine
Worldpress.org (originally published on www.nafsa.org)
August 16, 2006

WRNI News: Robert Ames interviews director Ronit Avni
August 10, 2006

Interviews with Encounter Point stars Shlomo Zagman and Ali Abu Awwad
On the program "Yom Hadash" (New Day) on Channel 2 in Israel
* Download English transcription of interview (.pdf)
July 12, 2006

International Media Seminar on Peace in Middle East opens in Moscow Relief Web
UN Information Officer
June 08, 2006

A Film that Goes Beyond 'Hummus and Hugs'
Shazna Nessa, Associated Press
May 02, 2006

Documenting the Arab Burden at the Al Jazeera Film Festival (Arabic Article)
Islam Online
April 26, 2007

Noshing At The Tribeca Table
The Jewish Week
April 28, 2006

Documentary American Style
Gregg Rickman, SF Weekly
April 26, 2006

Tribeca Dispatch #1
Pierre-Alexandre Despatis, Ion Cinema
April 25, 2006

Lights! Camera! Blogging! Welcome to the 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival
Rachel Sklar, The Huffington Post
April 21, 2006

Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians Advocate Peace in Festival Film
The Jewish News Weekly
April 20, 2006

Film Watch
Michael Fox, Moment Magazine June 2006
April 01, 2006

Encounter Point: Turning Pain into Peace
Roi Ben-Yehuda, Tikkun
November 01, 2006

Border Crossing
Craig Mathieson, The Age
February 02, 2007