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Just Vision presents the stories of Israeli and Palestinian civilians working for peace. We will be launching dozens of such stories. They represent a fraction of the courageous Israelis and Palestinians whose peace-related efforts receive too little media attention.

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All for Peace Radio
Formerly of the Coalition of Women for Peace, Machsom Watch
Middle East Children's Association (MECA)
Bereaved Families Forum, Al Tareek (The Way)
Tarabut-Hithabrut,Ta’ayush, MECA
Community Organizer, Budrus
Association for the Commemoration of Bat-Chen Shahak, Bereaved Families Forum
Bereaved Families Forum, All For Peace Radio
The Hava & Adam Ecological Farm
Machsom Watch
Terrestrial Jerusalem (TJ)
Middleway, Gisha, The People's Voice
People's Campaign for Peace and Democracy
New Profile
People's Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Peres Center for Peace, Peace NGOs Forum
Formerly of the Sulha Peace Project
The Sulha Peace Project, Jerusalem Peacemakers, Middleway
The Villages Group
Other Voice, The Center for Emerging Futures
Interfaith Encounter Association
Bereaved Families Forum
IPCRI (Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information)
EcoPeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East
Women in Black
Peace Now
Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development
Palestine-Israel Journal
Hope Flowers School
Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa
Community Organizer, Budrus
Building Bridges for Peace
Combatants for Peace
Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Ta'ayush, Coalition of Women for Peace, Bat Shalom
Folklore of the Other
Anarchists Against the Wall
Machsom Watch, Oz V'Shalom/Netivot Shalom, Darom4Peace, Mirkam Ezory
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Peace Child Israel
Human Rights Defenders Fund
Young Israeli Forum for Cooperation
The School for Peace
Water and Environmental Development Organization, Friends of the Earth Middle East
Maan News, Bethlehem Television
Combatants for Peace, Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND)
Former consultant to the Bereaved Families' Forum
Ir Amim, formerly of All For Peace Radio
PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East)
Rabbis for Human Rights
Rabbis for Human Rights
Combatants for Peace
International Peace and Cooperation Center (IPCC)
Parents Circle - Bereaved Families Forum
Dialogue On The Road
Holy Land Trust
Bereaved Families Forum
Gisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement