Professor Sami Adwan

Place of birth
Sureef, Hebron district
Year of Birth
Co-Director of PRIME and professor at Bethlehem University
PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East)
Languages spoken
Arabic, English
Date of Interview

Joline Makhlouf

"Through our analysis of Palestinian and Israeli curricula, we have found that both sides tell one-sided stories. I am not saying that the Palestinians wrote their narrative, however, as this was the narrative presented in the school curriculum written by the Jordanians and Egyptians. There is not even a proposition to listen to the other's story or learn about how the other thinks. Another issue is that neither curricula pays attention to the eras of peace and co-existence that once existed between Palestinians and Jews. Rather, both curricula are limited to discussing wars, immigration, revolutions and attacks."

Through his work with PRIME, Sami Adwan is pioneering an educational model that enables both Palestinian and Israeli educators to create school history curricula that includes both historical narratives in a single textbook. Sami was born in a village north of Hebron and finished his PhD. in the United States. He has published widely on the role of education in peacebuilding. His encounter with Israeli soldiers while in prison for being a member of Fatah during the first intifada made him realize that denial and avoidance would not help to improve the situtation, but rather discovering the other.