How do you know if a film has changed the world?
Julia Bacha, World Economic Forum

Mar 13, 2014


Shifting Narratives Through Documentary Film: A Case Study of 'Budrus'
Julia Bacha, Forbes

April 11, 2013

In Bab Al-Shams, Palestinians create new facts on the ground
Irene Nasser, +972 Magazine

January 25, 2013

HuffPo Best TEDTalks of 2011 "Julia Bacha: Pay Attention to Nonviolence"
Julia Bacha, The Huffington Post

December 12, 2011

Who Will Write Jerusalem's Story?

Ronit Avni, The Huffington Post
November 18, 2011

Promoting nonviolent alternatives
Julia Bacha, The Elders
November 10, 2011


Looking forward to the Special Meeting on Economic Growth and Job Creation in the Arab World
Ronit Avni, World Economic Forum
October 18, 2011


Focus on the good news in the Palestinian-Israeli standoff
Julia Bacha,
September 18, 2011

A Spring Forgotten
Ronit Avni, Huffington Post
May 25, 2011


10 Unsung Nonviolence Visionaries of 2010
Ronit Avni, Huffington Post
January 27, 2011


From Budrus to Bil'in: Arresting Heroes
Ronit Avni, Huffington Post
October 14, 2010


Want to Stop Israeli Settlements? Follow the Dollars
Ronit Avni, Washington Post
June 25, 2009


No News is Not Good News
Ronit Avni, Common Ground News - Middle East (Reprinted in Al-Khaber in Arabic, CG News in Hebrew, Khaleej Times, Egypt News Daily.)
April 30, 2009


This Headline is Nonviolent
Ronit Avni, Ha'aretz
April 26, 2009


What is the Difference Between Bravery and Courage?
Ronit Avni, Washington Post online, On Faith (Reprinted in the Huffington Post)
January 14, 2009