Encounter Point Press Materials

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Aziz and Rutie

Christine's Memorial Service

Ali Abu Awwad


Robi Damelin


Film Stills:

Aziz Tanji of Windows

Bat-Chen Shahak's Memorial,
Dizengoff Center

Najwa Sa'adeh at her daughter's grave, Bethlehem


Mike Brand, Host for All for Peace Radio, Jerusalem

Memorial for Christine Sa'adeh,

Woman at Damascus Gate,

People at the Windows Board Meeting

Old City, Jerusalem


Shlomo Zagman

Robi Damelin of the Parents Circle-Bereaved Families Forum at Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

Separation Barrier

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

Funeral of Christine Sa'adeh,

Tzvika Shahak at site of daughter's death,
Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv

Intifada stone-throwing

Yellow cab at checkpoint, West Bank

Production Stills:

Producer Nahanni Rous and
Production Assistant Leora Gal

Co-Director Julia Bacha with Advisory Board member Ned Lazarus in Jerusalem editing room


Ali Abu Awwad (protagonist) and producer Nahanni Rous at nonviolence conference in Bethlehem

Ali Abu Awwad, Sami Al Jundi, George Sa'adeh (featured in the Encounter Point) with producer Nahanni Rous at the Bethlehem nonviolence conference.

Cameraman and co-producer Mickey Elkeles with Director/Producer Ronit Avni

Joline Makhlouf and Julia Bacha filming in Hebron

Julia Bacha filming with Ali at the Bethlehem Rehabilitation Center


Co-director Julia Bacha with Director Ronit Avni

Assistant Editor Ned Jaszi and Director Ronit Avni in the editing room in NY


Encounter Point storyboard

Joline Makhlouf, Julia Bacha, Ronit Avni, Nahanni Rous (producers, directors of Encounter Point)


Ronit and Mickey in Jerusalem

Labib Jazmawi



Co-director Julia Bacha, producer Nahanni Rous, producer Joline Makhlouf, director/producer Ronit Avni

Ronit, Nahanni and Joline on Day 1 of production


Cast and Crew: (All Cast and Crew Photos Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images)

Back row cast from left to right: Sami Al Jundi, Ali Abu Awwad, Robi Damelin, Shlomo Zagman. Front row crew from left to right: Joline Makhlouf, Nahanni Rous, Julia Bacha, Ronit Avni. Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images.


From Left to Right: Co-Director / Writer / Editor Julia Bacha, Producer Nahanni Rous, Director / Producer Ronit Avni, Producer Joline Makhlouf Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

From Left to Right: Co-Director / Writer / Editor Julia Bacha, Director / Producer Ronit Avni. Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images.

Press Conference at the Tribeca Film Festival. Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images.