Here are a few ways you can use Just Vision's resources in your community:

Host a screening of Just Vision's films for your congregants. Find out how.

Organize a multi-faith event together with local Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities using examples of Israelis and Palestinians working together as a launching pad for discussion.

Use an inspiring story or quote from Palestinian and Israeli civic leaders in your sermons and educational programming. See a few examples below.

Connect your community members with one of the various Palestinian and Israeli grassroots organizations and Visionaries profiled on our website and partner with them during your community's next trip to the region.

Quotes for Sermons

We should always look at ourselves as hetz’yo zakay, hetz’yo hyav – everything is perfectly balanced, and we never know what little act we will take that seems meaningless, pointless, irrelevant, useless at the time, but whether that will be the act that tips the scales one way or the other… It is… wonderfully liberating to know, to believe that when you can’t see things, things are happening. I hope and wish for a blessing for us all, whether in the Middle East or in any spheres of our personal and public lives. You should have the courage and wisdom and faith to tip the scales in the right direction.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman

If I consider myself a peace activist, then all my words and actions must be devoted to peace. For me this is Jihad, and if I die doing this I will be considered a martyr... How do I identify a martyr? He is one that takes a role in improving his community and its situation, according to his own understanding. People can call him what they like, but I consider this a sacred mission that I could use to help the next generations.

Ibtisam Mahameed

With our faith in God Almighty, we strongly believe in Him; this is what strengthens us--our faith and the forgiveness within us. We also call for peace that is just and real where there will be no Palestinian or Israeli family that has to go through the same thing we did. Our goal now is to try as much as we can through our love and forgiveness to carry on with our lives and help others not to go through what we went through.

George Sa'adeh