Host a Screening

If you are a festival or theater interested in booking Budrus, please e-mail

Thanks for your interest in hosting a screening of Budrus and sharing the stories of Palestinians and Israelis committed to nonviolence with your community. Screenings of Budrus are currently being organized by universities, religious congregations, grassroots organizations and individuals around the world, and we’d be happy to assist you in getting everything you need to put together your own event.

In addition to reviewing the information on this page, we also recommend you refer to the free Budrus Discussion Guide and FAQ which has valuable information and additional resources for anyone planning to set up a screening or host a facilitated discussion. Likewise, you may want to refer to the Visionaries section of our website for in-depth interviews with the protagonists of Budrus, as well as dozens of other Israelis and Palestinians engaged in nonviolent efforts to resolve the conflict and end the occupation.  

Please note that the regular Home DVDs of Budrus are not licensed for any kind of public screening.

Follow the links below to learn more about how to book a screening based on where you live:

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
United States and Canada
United Kingdom
All Other Locations

If you are in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories:
Just Vision is committed to providing our films for free or at nominal cost to Israeli and Palestinian audiences in the region. Please contact our East Jerusalem office at for more information on getting a DVD and organizing a screening.

If you are in the US or Canada:
There are multiple ways you can host a screening in your home, school or community. Please see the appropriate option below, and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at

Once you have scheduled your screening, please let us know the time, date and location by e-mailing with these details so that we can post them on our events page and help get the word out.

School or Campus Screening
Budrus has been screened at dozens of universities and schools across the US and Canada. If your school or university library already owns an educational copy of the Budrus DVD, you are free to use it for a screening as long as it is free and open to the public. We encourage you to supplement your screening with a facilitated discussion or conversation, to ensure that the event is constructive and accessible to as broad an audience as possible. For more info on having Just Vision attend your event, please see below.

If your school does not yet own a copy, institutional DVDs can be purchased online through RoCo Educational (institutional copies of the DVD include both the full-length 82-minute and 58-minute versions of the film.) Please use ‘justvision’ as the checkout code, to ensure that the majority of the proceeds go towards supporting Palestinians and Israelis working nonviolently on the ground at no additional cost to you.

Members of the Just Vision team are also available to come lead a discussion or host a workshop after a screening of the film at your university or school. When we can’t attend in person, Skype Q&As are also sometimes possible. For more information on these options and to inquire about our availability, please e-mail

Community and Organizational Screenings
Local groups, organizations and religious congregations wishing to host their own screening of Budrus may do so by purchasing an institutional DVD from RoCo Educational. Please use ‘justvision’ as the checkout code, to ensure that the majority of the proceeds go towards supporting Palestinians and Israelis working nonviolently on the ground at no additional cost to you.

Please note that these screenings must be free and open to the public. You may collect donations at the end of an event, but admission cannot be charged.

For community groups with very low or non-existent budgets, discounts on the full institutional rate may sometimes be available. Please e-mail with special requests, or if you would like to invite a member of the Just Vision team to lead a discussion. 

Paid Admission Screenings

If you would like to use Budrus as part of an event where you will be charging admission, whether this is just to cover costs or as a fundraiser, please contact us in advance at to make special arrangements. The institutional DVD mentioned above is not licensed for screenings where admission is charged.

If you are in the UK:

Please contact Dogwoof Films, our distributors in the UK for information on community screenings.

If you are in Australia:

Please contact Gil Scrine at Antidote Films at for more information on local screenings.

For all other locations:
Please write to us directly with and we’ll be happy to assist you with your request.